Excellent coffee and breakfast sandwiches. Mostly a grab and go feel because of Covid but there is indoor seating.
Alexander King
Alexander K.
22:43 17 Sep 21
Geoff Turley
Geoff T.
17:52 11 Sep 21
I was really excited to try this place as a coffee enthusiast, however when I walked in, my partner and I were pretty much ignored. Then as I ordered a macchiato, the older woman began to rudely explain what a macchiato was(as if I were unsure) and then suggested I get a latte instead of what I ordered. I also wanted to order the bacon, egg, and cheese croissant and it was unavailable. The coffee was good, however I was fairly disappointed with the experience and will not be back.
Kerionne Ussin
Kerionne U.
18:22 08 Sep 21
I love coming here. The coffee is amazing and the service is even better. I can depend on this cafe to consistently make good coffee and food. I really like the smoked salmon bagel and mocha expresso.
Shanita Mitchell
Shanita M.
19:56 26 Aug 21
What cafe doesn’t open until 8am. I’ll just go over to Dunkin’. Poor business decision.
William Patrick
William P.
11:53 27 Jul 21
Super good:)
Marie M
Marie M
15:25 21 Jul 21
Ana Beltran
Ana B.
13:19 03 Jul 21
Karla Delgado
Karla D.
01:43 02 Jul 21
Coffee was delicious, and the gentleman that helped us was very kind!
Baron Creutz
Baron C.
15:46 13 Jun 21
They are so nice and such a great local spot. Excellent Ethiopian food and great coffee!
Maggie N.
Maggie N.
14:54 23 May 21
This is my go-to neighborhood coffee cafe. If you haven't yet tried Ethiopian coffee - give Hype Cafe a try. You will be hooked.
13:01 01 May 21
Isabella Lee
Isabella L.
16:02 24 Apr 21
Ephrem Deneke
Ephrem D.
01:21 19 Apr 21
I was walking my dog and on the four mile around 9am I saw this place. I decided to check it out. I opened the door and so no one inside. All I wanted was a...
Mark O.
Mark O.
09:03 17 Apr 21
How dare you sell me and my family vitiated food: Beans, lentils, etc. Thank goodness I didn't buy spoiled meat. Yuck! Avoid this place, unless you want an intestinal ailment
dariuz johnson
dariuz J.
06:20 16 Apr 21
There's a lack of good Ethiopian food on Capitol Hill but his place has some of the best you can get! It's first impression is a very cute coffee shop with...
Nic M.
Nic M.
12:27 19 Feb 21
Carl Mankowski
Carl M.
15:33 26 Oct 20
Black owned coffee shop with food and pastries that takes their coffee seriously but treat you graciously. They roast their own coffee and are part of a great culture of Ethiopian mom and pop coffee shops in the DMV region.
Hamzat Sani
Hamzat S.
16:22 30 Sep 20
Really enjoyed the coffee. The employee was very nice. Cant wait to bring some of my coworkers here in the morning
Steven Garcia
Steven G.
23:26 14 Aug 20
Hype Cafe is one of my favorite pandemic takeout joints. The food is amazing, the portions are generous, and the prices are low. The restaurant has good social distancing practices.
Andrew Breza
Andrew B.
23:00 26 Jul 20
I'm hesitant to write this review because I want to have Hype Cafe all to myself. My wife and I live in northeast DC and really enjoy Ethiopian food. We...
Andrew B.
Andrew B.
15:51 26 Jul 20
Their frappes are the best, excellent customer service and calming atmosphere.
Joann Johnson
Joann J.
03:27 25 Jul 20
Joseph Tito Brunson JR
Joseph Tito Brunson J.
00:49 07 Jul 20
Very good and vozy
Robert Decker
Robert D.
17:34 28 May 20
So their coffee overall was pretty good. But you might want to double check your food when you get it. My partner and I both got the bacon egg and cheese croissant but hers ended up having mold in it. While I understand that were in a rough spot with the whole covid situation, I don't believe it justifies serving moldy food to your customers.
Patrick Kranzpiller
Patrick K.
00:25 25 May 20
It's pretty good, very clean and great service
Ramon Ramos Hidalgo
Ramon Ramos H.
15:49 13 May 20
Corinne Mickelson
Corinne M.
11:47 02 May 20
Came during quarantine so didn't get a full experience but still a cute place with good coffee 🙂
Kristina Boichuk
Kristina B.
18:47 26 Apr 20
Fantastic place. The owner is so friendly. The food is unbelievably good. Highly recommend.
Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth M.
22:41 11 Mar 20
Brandon Drummond
Brandon D.
17:44 02 Mar 20
Cary O'Brien
Cary O.
23:32 28 Feb 20
Hot chocolate😊
Ana Alcantara
Ana A.
00:18 21 Feb 20
Bernice Parker
Bernice P.
10:37 15 Feb 20
Kevin Sheives
Kevin S.
13:49 06 Feb 20
Pat Pannett
Pat P.
01:19 02 Feb 20
Corner cafe. Away from the tourists! (I am one. Ha!). Accommodated my request to customise my croissant sandwich.
03:17 27 Jan 20
It was fine. Decent iced coffee. The pastry was fine. The decor is best described as industrial-chic without the chic, more like an absence of intentional decor than a purposeful aesthetic.
Mainon Schwartz
Mainon S.
17:36 12 Jan 20
Great service they have the best coffee in the town. I would definitely recommend this place to everyoneAnd the best customer service.
Ellta A
Ellta A
23:22 09 Jan 20
Coffee was great. Service indifferent. Not much selection of pastries.
Steve Trezise
Steve T.
15:35 09 Jan 20
Ciro Pepe
Ciro P.
15:37 05 Jan 20
Emilia Benitez
Emilia B.
01:04 02 Jan 20
Olga Mongelos
Olga M.
17:53 18 Dec 19
I wasn't impressed. The customer service was horrible - the young lady behind the counter seemed disinterested when I asked questions about the menu. It was clear that she would rather have been on her phone. She also began to mop 2 hours before the cafe was to close ...that can be misconstrued as a get out signal to customers. Lastly, the cafe is unnecessarily expensive. It costs nearly $4.00 for a muffin. I definitely won't be back.
chanell hasty
chanell H.
09:31 27 Nov 19
Staff was friendly and coffee was perfect!
Samuel Harvey
Samuel H.
20:00 25 Nov 19
Kalonji Guillory
Kalonji G.
22:28 20 Nov 19
Great coffee. I will be back
George Kerr III
George Kerr I.
22:25 20 Nov 19
Brea G
Brea G
23:28 19 Nov 19
The food was very good and the place is comfortable and relaxing.
Pablo Frank Bolton
Pablo Frank B.
15:06 09 Nov 19
Amazing veggie croissant 💜💜
Mariana Abarca
Mariana A.
15:05 09 Nov 19
Such a chill coffee shop. Great place to get work done or chat with friends. The breakfast sandwiches are SO GOOD. Everyone who works here is very nice.
K Murray
K M.
15:36 07 Nov 19
Awesome desserts and the Ethiopian lunch is very tasty. A nice place to hang and to work. Don't forget your macchiato!
Andrew Moore
Andrew M.
00:50 06 Nov 19
17:56 25 Oct 19
Hyun Kim
Hyun K.
17:55 19 Oct 19
Spacious and comfortable with solid food, good coffee, and great service, Hype Cafe feels like a dying breed of simple and welcoming coffeeshops free of pressure and pretenses.
Imran Mahmud
Imran M.
22:29 17 Oct 19

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The best Café on Capitol Hill Corner serving paninis, breakfast, Ethiopian food, espressos, tea, iced drinks, and frappes. Check out our online menu and put in an order!

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What's the Hype?

You walk in and notice lots of light, tables and counter space. “Why Hype?” you ask. Proprietor Samuel Mengista says, “It’s the name we came up with to express the effect of the coffee.” Mengista and his fiancée Hanna Tesfamicael opened Hype Café to provide a theme which meets the needs of our customers. Our goal is to become known as the best café on the Corner of Capitol Corner!

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Opening Hours

Monday 8:00 AM — 6:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM — 6:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM — 6:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM — 6:00 PM
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